Pioneer Day at Har-Ber Village

Pioneer man packing sliced cabbage in a crock to make sauerkraut.

Schedule for the Day

Arrive at 9 and plan to spend most of the day to fully enjoy all the day has to offer! Volunteers begin cleaning up at about 3pm in preparation for the Visitor Center closing at 3:30pm.  A link will be provided for the September 28, 2019, Pioneer Day schedule in early September—we're still working on scheduling activities for this day!

Featured Heritage Craftspeople

The Heritage Craftspeople featured each year vary, but in the past have included people who perform blacksmithing, tinsmithing, weaving and spinning, basket weaving, lace making, daguerrotype photography, using a printing press, sewing, broom making, banjo making, etc.

Living History Demonstrations

Demonstrations during this annual event vary, but may include laundry, churning butter, hearth cooking, making sausage, old-fashioned games, gardening, making dyes, and other daily tasks.

Hands-On Activities

Activities are provided at stations around the museum to enhance visitor experiences and understanding of pioneer life. Activities vary—visitors may be able to weave on a loom, spin wool on a wheel, churn butter, grind corn or coffee, dip candles, create old-fashioned toys, and more.


Period music adds another dimension to Pioneer Day, and over the years has been performed by a variety of very talented musicians from the Flyin' Fiddler to Hawthorne to Borderline Bluegrass to to Nathan McAlister to Coyote Hill Bluegrass. Thank you all for helping to make our event special!


Occasionally vendors will be invited to display and sell products that relate to the pioneer theme. Often, the heritage craftspeople will sell their wares or contract for a project during the day.