Exhibits at Har-Ber Village Museum

Carriages, Wagons, & Buggies (oh my!)

Prairie Schooner at Har-Ber Village.

Visitors may see a chuck wagon, a prairie schooner,  2 stagecoaches, and numerous other wagons, buggies, and carriages on display at Har-Ber Village. 


Beauty parlors in the first half of the 20th century may have looked like torture chambers!

A number of exhibits at Har-Ber Village focus on various trades and occupations. As part of a 2017 traveling Smithsonian exhibition entitled "The Way We Worked," Har-Ber Village received funding to develop and install a series of interpretive panels. Links to some of those panels can be found in downloads or visit the museum to see them in context.

Farm Equipment

Grain wagon and separator on display at Har-Ber Village.

Early hay-baling machines, threshing machines, steam engines, tractors, cultivators, harrows, go-devils, plows, and more can be seen in Har-Ber Village's farm and agriculture collection. 


Confederate uniforms in Military Exhibit at Har-Ber Village Museum.

Har-Ber Village's military exhibit displays a wide variety of uniforms and paraphernalia in chronological order from the Revolutionary War up through Desert Storm. Additional military items are on display in the Visitor Center Media Room. 


Vintage china head dolls in the Doll House at Har-Ber Village Museum.

Doll lovers spend hours in this exhibit quite overwhelmed by the variety of dolls on display. China head dolls, leather dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls, Cupie dolls, American Girl dolls, Shirley Temple dolls, Poor Pitiful Pearl dolls, wax dolls, several sets of the Dionne Quintuplets, the list goes on! 



Milk glass, Carnival glass, Depression glass, Roseville pottery, Frankhoma pottery, Flow Blue pottery, Tea Leaf pottery, Shawnee pottery, Jewel Tea pottery, Belleek china, cut glass crystal—these are a few of the maker's names to be found on artifacts in the dish collection.

With over 100 displays there's so much more to see at Har-Ber Village!